The First Post

This project started abruptly.  As an adult, I’ve always cared deeply about sex education. That’s a fancy way of saying that I talk about sex with anyone who will let me.  My poor friends.  But over the past year, I’ve been seeking ways to actually participate in some kind of community-based sexual education initiative.  It turns out there aren’t many of those—at least not in the communities I’ve been a part of.  Eventually, I approached a relative who works in education, asking if there were any opportunities for a sex ed initiative that was more liberal, inclusive, and all-encompassing than the high school curriculum I was used to.  He thought this idea was absolutely necessary.  He also thought he would never live to see such an initiative implemented in his school system.  Shitty, right?  As a last resort, I decided to make a website.  This was not my first plan.  I’m deeply afraid of social media and networking, and I don’t know any code.  But as soon as I started creating this website, I realized it was exactly what I’d been looking for.

I wanted, above all, to work on a sex ed initiative that was community-based.  Let’s be real, no one learns anything actually useful from their high school sex ed programs.  I mean, those programs taught me about STIs and birth control methods, but I had no idea what a healthy sexual relationship looked like, no teacher had ever uttered the word “masturbation,” and I only learned what a clitoris was by hunting down a diagram in a Bio 30 textbook.  By the time I graduated high school, I still didn’t know what lube was for.  All of my most valuable sex education came from picking my friends’ brains.  Everyone I talked to said the same thing: we were all getting our sex education informally from each other.  This makes for lovely bonding experiences, but when none of your friends actually know what they’re talking about, this isn’t the most effective way to get accurate, useful information.

This is where this website comes in.  The site’s tabs provide information about reproductive biology, STIs, birth control, consent, and how to get down and dirty.  The blog, on the other hand, consists of interviews with normal people going about their daily, sexy business.  If anyone is actually willing to tell me their intimate sexual memories, we shall have a community-based blog on our hands!  (If everyone refuses to tell me their secret orgasm stories, I’ll just make them up.  It’s not like you’ll know.)

So, if anyone wants to contribute to this blog, holler at me.  Tell the world your secrets, it’ll be fun.  I suppose I’ll let you be anonymous if you’re scared that your grandma or future employers might read about the first time you tried watching porn.

On that note, let’s begin.


Image via Pexels


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  1. tajsworld says:

    It’s a great idea! Just read How I Learned To Be Afraid Of Men. Timely. I live it but I needed to hear it articulated.


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