Kristin’s First Time

Kristin* tells me her story over a bottle of cheap wine. She was 16 when she had her first sexual experience. She was dating her high school boyfriend, Max*—he was the first boy she ever kissed, the first boy who went down on her, and the first boy she had penetrative sex with. For four months, they had been regularly fooling around before they decided to have penetrative sex. It was Kristin’s idea.

Her parents were gone for the weekend, and Kristin and Max had everything planned: they would buy some supplies, cook a nice dinner, and bone. They bought condoms at the grocery store; Kristin stood next to Max, waiting while he scanned the huge selection. He finally settled on Trojan Magnums.

“Did he need Trojan Magnums?” I ask, interrupting her story.

Kristin grins and shakes her head.

They hid the condoms in their grocery basket, underneath the produce.

Back at the house, dinner was awkward. After their plates were empty and they had run out of things to say, Kristin nervously suggested that they move to her bedroom. Max followed her downstairs, and from the corner of Kristin’s eye she saw him grab the box of condoms off the counter.

They turned off the light in Kristin’s room and made their way to her twin bed. It was the first time they had been naked in front of each other.

Here, I interrupt again. “Wait, at the same time, or as in like, you had just been fooling around without ever taking your pants off?”

“Like, we just pulled them down [before],” she shrugs.

“So this was the first time you finally saw each other naked?”

“Yeah, well like not really, ’cause it was like lights off and super dark.”

“[Then it was the first time] you felt each other naked,” I amend.

She laughs and nods.

There was no foreplay. Kristin gave Max a blow job for a bit, but he didn’t return the favour. “I didn’t know what to do at all,” Kristin says. They both waited until Max was hard enough. “Then it was like, probably like a two minute process of just being like ‘Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab! Where’s the vagina?'” Here, Kristin makes some helpful hand gestures.

“It really uncomfortable,” Kristin says, “like very, very uncomfortable. If I was on a pain scale, and 0 was like ‘completely comfortable,’ and 10 was like ‘excruciating pain,’ it would probably be like a 4.”

They tried a couple of different positions before calling it quits a few minutes later. Neither of them came. Afterwards, they lay silently next to each other on Kristin’s tiny bed until she got up to use the washroom. Max took off the condom while Kristin was gone, and he noticed a small rip in the condom. To test if the condom was too broken to be effective, they tried filling it up with water in the bathroom sink, checking to see if water could leak out. It could.

Kristin began to panic. She was on a form of hormonal birth control, and Max hadn’t ejaculated, but having the condom rip during the first time she had penetrative sex was terrifying to her. Max offered to go to a drugstore for some Plan B while Kristin stayed home. As soon as she was alone, she called her sister, crying.

There was no Plan B at the store Max had gone to; he came back empty handed. When he let himself back into Kristin’s house, he could hear her crying in the bathroom. They both pretended that he hadn’t heard.

“You should go home,” Kristin told him.

The next morning, Kristin bought a morning after pill before she went to school. She met Max in the hallway.

“Hey, I got some,” she whispered to him. He nodded, relieved.

They never slept together again.

Kristin and Max broke up a few months later.  “I think I was like really not excited to have sex again after that,” Kristin muses.


Thank you Kristin for your contribution!  Don’t worry friends, Kristin has gone on to have some dope sexual experiences!

*Names have been changed


Image via Pexels





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