Alex’s Story: Masturbation is Probably the Answer to Your Quest for Orgasms

Alex learned how to masturbate when she was very young, before she began preschool. This is a woman who knows what she wants.

Alex doesn’t remember exactly how she discovered masturbation, but it soon became a part of her regular routine. It didn’t take long for her to find certain positions or angles to best rub her body against her bed. As a young girl, she had no idea that she was masturbating—she didn’t even know what masturbation was—she just thought it felt nice.

“I remember thinking, ‘This feels like exercise,'” She laughs. “I would…[be] working up a sweat, and honestly that’s what I thought it was.”

That’s why Alex was pretty surprised by the reaction her mother had when she caught her masturbating one day. She was only five or six years old.

Shocked, her mother exclaimed, “You can’t do that!”

Alex was puzzled. “Why? But it feels good,” She thought to herself.

Her mother’s outburst didn’t stop Alex. She hid her masturbation from her mom, but she only felt ashamed briefly.

“I remember periods of [feeling] shame and anger, and being like, ‘Well, why does she not do it? It feels good,'” Alex muses.

But she put those feelings of shame and guilt away pretty quickly, and resumed her regular habits.

She finally realized that she had been experiencing sexual pleasure the whole time when she was in junior high. Once she began watching movies or reading books with racy scenes, it all clicked.

“Oh,” She thought to herself, “this is what sexual pleasure is.”

The household Alex and her sisters grew up in was very religious; dating and sex were never priorities for the teenaged girls. Given the response that her mother had had after walking in on her masturbating, it’s probably safe to assume that discussions about masturbation were off the table. Even now, because most of her friends grew up in a similar, repressive atmosphere, Alex still doesn’t bring up masturbation with them.

“I don’t even think they…would admit to masturbating, anyways. Even to this day,” She shrugs.

Alex learned to keep it a secret. As a teenager, she would only touch herself at night, when everyone else in her household was asleep.

But by the time Alex was eighteen years old, it all paid off. She was entering her first relationship, and she’d spent the last fifteen years avidly masturbating. She knew virtually everything there was to know about her own body. With her new boyfriend, Alex explored partnered sex for the first time.

“I had already experienced an orgasm multiple times,” She says, “so I was like, ‘I know how it should feel, and I know what will bring me to that point.'”

Unsurprisingly, Alex and her first boyfriend had an amazing sex life. She came into their relationship equipped with the knowledge of how to achieve their own pleasure. It was easy to discover this new world of sex together when they both already knew what was necessary for their own sexual satisfaction.

Now, whenever she gets the chance, Alex preaches about the healthy effects of masturbation. She is thankful for the knowledge about her own body that masturbation gave her: it made the transition into partnered sex so much easier, and she feels sympathy for her friends who still struggle to experience an orgasm.

“If you don’t know [how to achieve orgasm], you can’t expect anybody else to,” She says simply.

She’s single now, and I ask her if she still masturbates regularly.

“Oh, now? It’s a daily thing, for sure!” She laughs.

Thanks for your contribution Alex! Keep on spreading the good word!


Image via StockSnap

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