What’s New: October 30, 2017

Hey hey hey, it’s the day before Halloween, and here’s what’s new at Sex and The Rest!

Remember that post I wrote in response to the #MeToo movement? Well, it’s gone kinda viral. It’s received 70 times more views than the average blog post on SATR and it’s been shared over 4000 times on Facebook. That’s pretty dope! The numbers of views and shares are still increasing, and so is my ego. This jump in viewers is also bringing a whole new crowd to SATR, so welcome new friends!

I also recently wrote a nifty little post about masturbation after conducting an interview with my awesome friend Alex. Too often is female masturbation stigmatized or ignored, and Alex demonstrated perfectly why masturbation is so good for women’s sexual health.

In the past week, I’ve made a bunch of changes to the website, ’cause your girl finally learned how to access her WordPress dashboard. That’s why there are now all these fancy drop down lists in the site’s main menu. Don’t they look purdy? (Seriously, it’s embarrassing to admit how long it took to figure those out. A coder I am not.) Go validate my hard work by admiring the lovely drop down menus, and then start exploring them! Not only do they look nice, they’re highly functional! There are all kinds of fun tidbits in there: I give you the low down on consent and I answer the question “What even counts as sex?” I even got around to including a short, extremely unhelpful bio! If you wanna see your girl smizing in a turtleneck, go check that out.

In the “About” section, I’ve also updated and expanded on information like Sex and The Rest’s mission and how to contact me. But here’s the best part. You now have the option to send me monies! Under “Support,” I’ve detailed a few of the ways that you can help keep SATR going. I’ve added a donate button to the “Support” page and to the bottom banner of the site. I’ve also been working on a Patreon account. If you’re not familiar with the concept of Patreon, check out the site here.

Asking for money is super uncomfortable, but here’s the deal: SATR is turning into a full-time gig—it takes a ton of ongoing work writing content, maintaining the website, conducting interviews, editing graphics, running social media, networking, etc. Then there are also the costs of running a website. I’d love to keep fresh, exciting, and important content flowing here, but to do that I need to be able to spend lots of time working on the site, and that’s just not feasible with a full-time job. That’s where your help comes in. By supporting SATR through one-time donations or by becoming a regular patron, you’ll make it possible for me to devote the time I need to keep SATR going. Any and all monies will be so, so appreciated.

The SATR Patreon page isn’t live yet, but it’s going to launch soon! By becoming a patron, you’ll have access to sweet, exclusive content. Keep your eyes peeled for the launch date.

In the meantime, keep reading! Tell all your friends and family about SATR! It’s so exciting to watch this community grow, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Stay sexy, friends.




Image by Jonas Svidras via StockSnap

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