The Mission

The aim of this website is to fill a hole (wink wink) in the current available sex education resources online.  There are plenty of places to find medical and statistical information about sex, but those aren’t super inviting or user-friendly.  And there are some amazing sex positive websites, but they tend to be more niche.  I wanted to create a resource that contained both necessary medical knowledge about safe sex and inclusive information about healthy sexualities.  I wanted to provide a thorough, frank, humorous, and, ultimately, accessible resource for teenagers and adults.  Above all, I wanted this to be the resource I wish I’d had when I was 16.

The Author

Honestly, I have no real credentials.  I’m an over-educated millennial with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a master’s degree in Medieval Studies.  In lieu of any real training on sex education, I have all my adult years worth of feminist reading and I’m super duper qualified to research stuff.  Also I like to write?

This is the part where I officially make my disclaimer.  I’ve done my best to ensure that all of the information I’ve published here is carefully researched using reputable sources.  I’ve provided links to those sources where possible. I’ve tried to cover a wide range of topics that I believe are both relevant and necessary for discussions about sexual health and sexuality.  However, some of these topics are beyond my range of expertise.  If you are in need of actual medical, emotional, or psychological attention, please contact emergency services or a qualified professional in your area.

Hit Me Up

Shoot an email to sarajdueck@gmail.com if you have any feedback or questions about the site or if you’d like to contribute.

I also won’t say no to donations.  This shit takes a lot of time.