It’s no secret that mandated sex ed curricula have done a disservice to women, trans folx, non-binary folx, and queer folx by adhering to a heteronormative agenda. This website is not your high school sex ed class. This is a website that normalizes and celebrates sexuality in all its sexy forms. That means no body shaming, no slut shaming, and a commitment to providing relevant information for people of all genders, sexualities, and backgrounds.

The aim of this website is to fill a hole (wink wink) in the current sex education resources available online. There are plenty of places to find medical and statistical information about sex, but those aren’t super inviting or user-friendly. And there are some amazing sex positive websites, but they tend to be more niche. I wanted to create a resource that contained both necessary medical knowledge about safe sex and inclusive information about healthy sexualities. I wanted to provide a thorough, frank, humorous, and, ultimately, accessible resource for teenagers and adults. Above all, I wanted this to be the resource I wish I’d had when I was 16.

You can sum up Sex and The Rest’s mission in three simple bullet points:

  1. To provide accurate, engaging, and non-judgemental sexual education
  2. To normalize and de-stigmatize the many different forms that human sexuality can take
  3. To celebrate pleasure and sexuality