Just like every other part of your body, maintaining the health of your genitals and sex organs is crucial. Yes, it’s important to protect yourself during sex to avoid contracting an STI. But it’s equally important to monitor the health of your genitals even when you aren’t currently sexually active. It doesn’t matter much how how a medical condition develops in your genitals and/or sex organs, what matters is how you address and manage that condition in order to take care of your bits. Trust me, the sooner you deal with that shit, the better you’ll feel. Not only will addressing that condition or infection relieve you of so much discomfort, but ignoring a genital infection or condition could also lead to lasting effects and permanent damage such as infertility. No need to panic though! Just make sure you’re keeping in touch with your junk and treating it when you need to. Below are some links to help you identify changes in your genital health.

Sexually Transmitted Infections
Yeast Infections