I’d be willing to bet that no one has ever explored every single sexual experience possible. As you grow and explore your own sexuality, you continually come up against experiences that you’ve never had before, whether it’s your first blow job or the first time you tried pegging while dressed up like a clown. The world of sexual possibilities is infinitely vast, and that’s both wonderful and intimidating as hell. That’s the great thing about sex: it doesn’t matter how experienced you are, you’re never done growing and trying new things.

However, as awesome as it is to challenge yourself personally and sexually, that can be hella scary. There’s so much pressure to be good at sex, and it’s not like your parents or your high school teachers or maybe even your past lovers told you how to have sex.

That’s where the “How To” section comes in. Obviously, sexual experiences are too diverse and subjective for anyone to create a definitive guide-book for sex. But, it’s nice to have a little help.